Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Cascades Nature Park- Northern Cebu's newest leisure and nature hangout!

Dozing off a weekend at Northern Cebu's newest family hangout and went swimming at the pool, sat and while the time away boating/ canoeing at their man-made lake and also got the chance to feed and catch the playful fish!... Just be sure to follow safety protocols and everything is worth the experience at Cascades Nature Park 😉... All thumbs up!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Succulents Cebu - Why You Should Start Planting Succulents and Cactus Plants Today

Everywhere in the world today, people from all walks of life are looking at different ways to alleviate stress and the troubles of daily living by means of turning to nature for health and for aesthetic reasons to highlight various spaces in their homes, offices and other places of interest; Hence the growing popularity of houseplants and medicinal plants.

But despite all the health and beautiful benefits of these houseplants, still a large majority of us do not have the luxury of time and all the hassles of caring for an indoor (or even an outdoor garden) One thing is that not everyone is a green thumb and growing an indoor garden can be a challenge in terms largely of care and light that is the source of life for these plants. There are great options however, for those who want to start an indoor garden and enjoy indoor plant life parenting. By selecting easy to care plants such as the hardy succulents and cactus which are available in numerous and all beautiful varieties from different countries around the globe. Learn more about the best benefits from having an indoor collection of cacti and succulents and why you should start planting now. 

Succulents and Cacti Improves The Air Quality of Your Home or Office

Throughout the ages humans and plants rely on each other for nutrients and sustenance. We breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide back to the environment which is the food source for all kinds of plants. This principle is no different with cactus and succulents which will help keep the air in your homes and offices fresh while at the same time remove carbon dioxide and other harmful elements in your environment. 

They Aide in Boosting your Mood 

Having indoor plants further improves your mood and concentration. The sight of live, green plants will calm your mind and aide in making you feel more relaxed to make you more productive. What more than tending for their growth will give you the added benefit of a rewarding experience to ward off those negative vibes. 

They Can be Planted Anywhere

Succulents and cacti can virtually be planted anywhere you like. Whether the space you have available is in a big house, a small apartment or condo or a small corner in your office, you’ll be surprised how these amazing plants adapt and grow well in their new environment! For planting media, you can even use pots, ceramic teacups, jars or hang them with vertical planters for a stunning vertical garden that will just take a small floor space. 

 They Don’t Need Sun and Water as Common Plants Do 

Caring for plants indoors can be a tricky process where you should consider that they must always have the right amount of sunlight and that they’re watered properly. This is where succulents and cacti come in handy for these kinds of plants are quite hardy and easy to care for. They don’t need much water as other common plants and they can survive in the most difficult of environments.  

They Can Given Out as Special Gifts to Loved Ones and Friends

Bring the gift of cheer to your loved ones and friends or make your special occasions shine with succulents and cacti giveaways. These plants are very affordable, easy to transport because of their small size and are quite easy to care for. There are various specialty shops that sell these amazing plants in your neighborhood or for your added convenience, online where selecting and ordering is easy with just a click these days. Choose the best style, size and container that suit your mood and theme. 

In Cebu, There are shops like Succulents Cebu and Cactus Collection- Cassiel’s Succulent World where a large selection of succulents and cacti plants are available for you to choose from online and ordering or shipping to any point in the country is very easy by messaging their Facebook Page, Commenting on Posts or thru mobile at 09988236614. You can also visit their hole in the wall collection currently on display at the owners’ home at Poblacion Compostela, Cebu. Start planting your succulent and cacti collection today and discover these exciting benefits.  

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The best ways to enjoy those quick to wear and trendy sneakers this 2017

Most of us are sneaker enthusiasts. Whether it be for collecting, wash and wear, stock or for just about everything, the fascination for this shoe invention really means a lot to us. We take a pair to work or at play or make a statement at special events.

Sneakers nowadays are taking the world (most especially social media) by storm which sometimes may look a bit too much for some but can be an interesting hobby when shown in photos and turn it mainstream online! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Cebu City, Philippines all set to host the 51st International Eucharistic Congress January 2016

After stringent preparations from various sectors supported by the Local Government Units of Cebu, Cebu City Government, the Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu, various hospitality establishments in and around Cebu, the youth and the Cebuano faithful; the Queen City of the South is all set to host the 51st International Eucharistic Congress on January 24- 31, 2016. 

The International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) is an international gathering of clergy, religious and laity with the aim to promote awareness of the central place of the Eucharist in the life and mission of the Catholic Church.  From its beginnings in 1881 in Lille, France the IEC has been celebrated almost every year around the world moving from country to country. The Philippines was fortunate to have hosted the 33rd IEC in Manila in 1937. For the 51st IEC, it will be held once again in the country with Cebu, Philippines as the chosen venue. 

Who is leading the IEC and How many are expected to come?

The Pontifical Committee on International Eucharistic Congress, headed by Archbishop Piero Marini is the one responsible for initiating and coordinating the IEC at the global level. The local committee in Cebu headed by Archbishop Jose S. Palma organizes and prepares for the Congress in 2016. This committe is supported by the National Committee which consists of the Permanent Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses of the CBCP chaired by Archbishop Romulo Valles along with the other commissions of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). 

The expected number of daily attendees to the Congress are around 15, 000 pilgrims. It is also projected that during the opening and closing Masses of the Congress, attendees could swell to a million. 

The Significance of IEC for Catholics in the Philippines and the world as a whole

The 51st IEC provides an opportunity for spiritual growth for all Catholics not only in the Philippines but abroad. The world will be watching and joining the event in prayer through video streaming in the IEC website and telecasts from the foreign media. 

Why Choose Cebu? 

The significance of IEC in Cebu is connected with the 9 year Novena for the 500th anniversary of the founding of Christianity in the Philippines. It was in Cebu that Christianity first came to our shores in 1521. The main venue for the 51st IEC will be the IEC Pavilion located in Pope John Paul II Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines. 

Preparations for Accommodations 

For the convenience of pilgrims and attendees to the 51st IEC,  the organizers has prepared an online booking and reservations system which consists of accredited hotels in Cebu and other hospitality establishments in and around the metro. For larger groups looking for accommodations, a directory of accredited Tour and Travel operators is also on hand to assist them. All of the establishments found in the booking system and directory have passed the standards set by the IEC committee. 

The IEC organizers have also asked people to open their homes to delegates and pilgrims. The IEC Home Stay Sub-Committee said it is still open to host families who would want to open their homes to delegates who cannot afford hotels or for those who want to immerse with Filipino families. Together with the Department of Tourism,  A seminar was held for IEC host families on hosting do’s and don’ts with topics ranging from proper behavior, suggested bed arrangements as well as dining etiquette. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Philippines largest bakeshop chain expands market reach and introduces innovative and tasty new products

Julie’s Bakeshop opens new branch in Canada

Julie’s Bakeshop opening, first store in Canada.The staff and crew of Julie’s Bakeshop in Canada with Mr. Raymund Fernandez (first from left), International Business Development Manager at Julie’s Franchise Corporation in the Philippines, and JBS franchisee in Canada, Mr. Eric Pecson(second from left).

April 27, 2015- the first Julie’s Bakeshop was opened in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada operated by Filipino franchisee Eric Pecson and his Canadian wife Marla. Before venturing into the Julie’s Bakeshop franchise, Eric has had over 15 years of experience in the Restaurant business, currently being the Area Developer of a major barbeque brand in Alberta as well as operating three franchises of a local food brand.

A native of Balik Balik, Sampaloc, Manila, Eric has lived and worked in Canada with his wife and three children for the past 17 years.  Being in the Food industry, he instantly saw great opportunity in bringing a highly recognizable Filipino brand to the captured market of over 30,000 overseas Filipinos residing in Canada.

Now, Pinoys will feel right at home as they wake up to the familiar look and feel of the neighborhood bakeshop they’ve grown to love back home. And like icing on a cake, add the uplifting aroma of Julie’s old time favorite breads fresh and hot off the oven every hour and it will seem like they’re never far from home!  This will definitely be a welcome treat from the usual fare found in most bakeshops.

The large Filipino community in Alberta became the primary reason for choosing the location and on its opening week, the market has been very enthusiastic and genuinely accepting.With the initial branch now fully operational, Julie’s has set its sights on further expansion around Alberta and perhaps other nearby provinces in Canada in the near future.

To date, Julie’s takes pride in bringing fresh and hot breads to over 100 million Filipinos across the country with close to 500 branches nationwide and counting.  Now, we include a consumer base of Filipinos and Canadians who are sure to keep coming back for more!

Delicious Coco Twirl and 3- in-1 Julie’s Kape     

Sink your teeth into Julie’s newest delectable surprise!  The all new Julie’s Coco Twirl is a milky- twirled bread filled with crispy sweetened coconut grits.  It’s a delicious balance of sweet-savory flavors you and your entire family can enjoy anytime of the day. 

Its soft, plump and milky dough is baked just right for a slight crunch on the outside, while velvety soft on the inside with a generous helping of crunchy coconut bits. Topped with a mild sugar glaze, one bite of the Coco Twirl will definitely get you hooked for more! 

It’s great for breakfast with your favorite Julie’s Kape, as “baon” for the kids at school, for your mid-day snack at the office or as “pasalubong” for the family at the end of a long day at work. 

With its richness in milk, margarine, and coconut grits, Coco Twirl is a unique balance of flavors that will keep you coming back for more!  The new Julie’s Coco Twirl is available in all Julie’s Bakeshop branches nationwide at P6.00 only.  Try one today!

There is no better way to start your day than waking up to the smell of freshly baked breads from your favorite Julie’s Bakeshop. How about adding a warm cup of coffee mixed just right with cream and sugar to kick start your morning? 

Yes, you read it right! Julie’s Bakeshop not only gives you freshly baked breads all day, they have added instant 3-in-1 Julie’s Kape at all Julie’s Bakeshop outlets nationwide and at your favorite sari-sari stores for only Php 5.00 SRP!

Whether coffee goes with your usual breakfast routine or you’re craving for a mid-day caffeine fix, pop into your nearest sari-sari store or head on to your neighborhood Julie’s bakeshop for a warm-me-up anytime! Great served chilled too! Just add some ice and your iced Julie’s Kape is good to go!

Now you can enjoy your favorite breads with a warm (or cold) cup of Julie’s Kape at any of over 500 Julie’s Bakeshop outlets nationwide and your favorite sari-sari store any time of the day!