Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cebu’s premier breadline Julies Bakeshop unveils new Pandesal Craze

Julie’s Bakeshop celebrates the launching of its new Pandesal Craze. It comes in five natural tastes:  ube, strawberry, buko pandan, chocolate, and mocha. 

For the first time in the country, the bakeshop integrates the classic pinoy favorite- Pandesal with a twist of natural tastes to make it suitable to the changing food palate of today’s consumers. 

The new Pandesal Craze will take the consumers to the next level of excitement and experience in every bite. These delightful tastes can be enjoyed at home, and can be shared with friends, classmates, and colleagues.

The tastes of ube, strawberry, buko pandan, chocolate, and mocha constitute high demands in the general Filipinos’ food preferences. By integrating the tastes in Pandesal Craze, it is anticipated that this new product will gain patronage from general Filipino consumers – the children, teens, and adults from different walks of life. 


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