Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spending Lent at the Ramon Durano Foundation in Danao City

As part of our lenten trip to some of the most interesting holy sites in Cebu, Me and Chilly figured to drop by one afternoon and spend lent at the famous Ramon Durano Foundation (located in the outskirts of Guinsay, Danao City, Cebu) for a quick look and take some shots with the new cam that we've tagged along.

I've known this place from one of family trips in my childhood years and it feels so good to visit it again after quite a long time. The foundation notably has holy scenes of the 14 stations of the cross, the last supper, the nativity and other depictions for you to appreciate and marvel.

The place still hasn't lost its beauty despite of paints fading, weather damage and  some of the statues missing an arm or leg.

What saddened me is that vandals have managed to write graffiti on the walls and wrecked this beautiful place. It seems like no one is guarding or attending to the welfare of the place which I believe used to be the landmark that comes to mind whenever Lenten season approaches in the north.

Given that the owners or the civic minded people of Danao City will restore this place back to its former glory would make it a great addition to the pilgrimage and tourism sites, this side of the province.

Here are the other great photo sorties that we took from the place:

If you're planning to visit this wonderful place, all you have to do is take an hour+ ride from Cebu City via bus, mini-bus or Jeepney (fares range from 30- 40 php depending on the type of vehicle you're riding) at the North Bus Terminal or at the Carmen- Sogod PUJ Terminal in White Gold Club.

You can easily spot the foundation as it is just sitting beside the highway at Guinsay, Danao near the border of the town of Carmen. 



  1. It was my first time to visit Cebu Philippines last month and it was really fun. It was such a huge, busy and modern city compared of course to where I came from (Cotabato City). It was a 3 days vacation and it wasn’t enough because we had a Cebu - Bohol trip. Both destinations were tourists spots-filled and I’m looking forward to return and visit more awesome places that I’ve seen on TV, internet or blogs like this post. Thanks!:)

  2. Hi Meow, thanks much for dropping by my site and the comment. There are lots of places here that's waiting to be explored and way much cheaper compared with the "commercial" destinations. Try to visit Kalanggaman Island too, I'm sure you'll be surprised that it's more beautiful than boracay or any beachfronts you can think of. Happy trip always ;-)

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