Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Village of Hope 2012- Big yuletide greetings from small wonders


Here's one good treat for those who savvy miniature collections, art collectors  or just want to while their time away with family and friends after a quick break from all the shopping at SM City Cebu. 

Currently on display at their Ground Floor, Northwing Atrium is the Christmas Village of Hope 2012 where hundreds of miniature and scaled establishments, houses, cars and trains are on display.

This endeavor aims to support children with cancer thru sponsorship of each piece showcased. Private individuals and companies are encouraged to donate and in return, have their names labeled on each one all throughout the holidays. 

I rummaged through the display last Monday and had a grand time checking them out. Happy Holidays! 

Check out the Youtube slideshow below, featuring all the photos from this exhibit.

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Visit to the Shrine of the Blessed Virgen dela Regla, Lapu- Lapu City


November 18, 2012 - In celebration of her birthday and to pay homage to the upcoming festivities of the Blessed Virgen dela Regla, me and Chilly figured it best to visit the shrine at twilight so we could avoid the mass traffic of people who will be going to the shrine by way of ferry from Cebu port. 

Going to Lapu- Lapu City by land at this time (especially nearing their fiesta) is certainly not recommended as one will only be met by bumper traffic jam at the bridge and of course a load-full of headache.

On our way, the weather was cooperative and the sea was smooth. We got to the Island in roughly 30 minutes and proceeded right to the church to attend mass and pay our respects to the Blessed Virgin.

After one waaay long line and push- throughs with the faithful crowd, we finally got our chance to witness the mother of our faith in glory and it sure was a very rewarding experience to have witnessed another testament that makes up the Filipino spirit.

Below is a Youtube slideshow of our pics taken from the trip. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Make it Kalanggaman Island- One total getaway to outdoor and beach fun for everyone!


November 3, 2012- After one boring week spent on the thanksgiving holidays, me and Chilly decided to spend the remainder for a great time at the beach and live outdoors. And we were not disappointed for our good friend Rans Cabigas invited us to tag along with friends and his crew of outdoor enthusiasts from Cebu and head out to Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte’s renowned island attraction of which I heard from friends and some reads on the net that the place rivals that of Boracay- minus the great population of beachcombers.

I figured this sure is one good trip and curiosity in tow, I packed in the essentials such as the tent, canned goods, water containers, swimming gear and of course lamps as we were briefed that the place don’t have the comforts of handy fresh water. The place also has no electricity so all the bulky gadgets will just have to be left behind.

We rode the morning CBL bus trip which lasted a butt- aching four hours to the Port of Maya, Daanbantayan and boarded the awaiting motor Bangka or “Kumpit” which took us to island.

The ride lasted around two hours with some minor complications as we were met by bad weather just as were crossing the channel. In the middle of the tempest or “Unos” and heavy rain, we lost sight of the island and the boatmen had no choice but to stop the boat until visibility is back and thank heavens the sea calmed down after a few minutes and we continued on our way and boy we were stuck in awe to the sight that greeted us as we’re docking.



 We proceeded with searching for the most suitable places to settle in our gears and tents then hungrily proceeded to a late lunch after setup.

All the day’s dizziness vanished after we’ve had our tummies filled and we went frolicking to explore the Island’s sceneries and of course while the time away with it’s pristine waters and ivory white beaches.

We also found an interesting discovery in the island and that is the double- crowned coconut tree. 

The rest of the story is told in these amazing photos set in Youtube (below) that we took in our sojourn. RecomendaciĆ³n? Definitely I give Kalanggaman Island an All thumbs up! This
200 meter patch of sandbar in the middle of nowhere is a must place to visit for every beach junkie whose looking for one good time to while away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. 


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Musings- A fill of the best wines and alcoholics at Shopwise Cebu

Just for the sake of the curios', after a feast of grilled pork, chicharon bulaklak (deep fried pork intestines), linguas (that's pork tongue for the exotic savvy) and the ever popular Siomai at Tisa, Labangon, Me and Chill figured to cap our Friday evening with a sip of alcos. Having heard from friends that Shopwise opened its newest branch in the city at N. Bacalso Ave., Basak San Nicolas, we decided to check the place out.

We surely got a treat as the place is in full stock with all items one can think of buying. What got my nod btw is their winery and beverage section that is full of the best alcos and party poppers (both local and international) and all are sold at reasonable prices! 

Figured for the wine enthusiast, this place is a must try as some rare items from abroad are in stock.

To make the story short, after scanning around we abruptly settled for some rhum and a liter of ice tea as chaser (to diffuse all the fat we've eaten i hope) and went off to Fuente circle to enjoy the time. Cheers!