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Q Park– Northern Cebu's adventure and leisure getaway for the whole family

Calmly nestled atop the hills of the town of Compostela, sits Q Park- a 200 hectare family and adventure park that’s gaining recognition among adventure seekers, family trippers, curios’, and pilgrims alike. Situated some 35 kilometers north of the metropolitan, Q Park is fully owned by the Quisumbing family and the Norkis Group of Companies and are offering the place’s amenities for the public to enjoy free of charge!

To get to the Park, one must simply enter via the Brgy. Buluang route (the border barangay of Compostela with adjacent Danao City) or by traversing the Brgy. Tubigan- Bagalnga route via Guimbal at Compostela, Poblacion. You’ll never get lost as roadsigns are posted all over the place to guide you on your way.Whatever you’re looking for, be it be family recreation, camping, adventure trekking, or just simply want a place to commune and meditate; a visit at Q Park is a must.

The park’s attractions include:

The Stations of the Cross.

A favorite among pilgrims and devotees especially in the Lenten season, the park boasts of artistic life- size traditional crucifixion scenes each rooted on a steep and scenic landscape.
Marian Hill

A monument of devotion that’s 41 ft high, the statue of the Blessed Virgin – “Mary, Mother of Love, Peace and Joy” stands like a proud sentinel of religion, seated atop one of the park’s hills and can be accessed through a 300+ step stair the chapel below, all the way up to shrine. If one’s not up for the long climb, then an access road to the overlook is an option.

Nativity Cave and the Saints

Commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, a natural cave was made to replicate the one in Bethlehem and comes complete with other characters of the holy scene artistically sculpted by local artisans. A visit to another cave nearby, focuses one to the known figures of Filipino devotion such as the Santo Niño de Cebu, Our Lady of Guadalupe, San Lorenzo Ruiz, Blessed Pedro Calungsod and La Pieta- the Sorrowful Madonna with the lifeless Christ on her lap.
Retreat House and Cottages

The management of Q Park sees to it to offer comfort to visitors. The Park has a sizeable retreat house with air conditioned rooms and three cottages, all complete with kitchenette, toilet, bath and veranda. Reservations and queries maybe made at the Norkis main office at Mandaue City, Cebu.

Heroes Hill- A Tribute to Filipino Heritage

With the goals of preserving national heritage for the coming generations to view, Q Park also features the Heroes Hill- which houses the exhibit of the legacies of unsung Filipino heroes, brave warriors and leaders as well as a tribute for OFWs.

This part of the park is open for students, teachers or just about anyone who wants to get an enriching experience of our heritage.

Boys and Girls Camps

Q Park also features a campsite for young people to experience camaraderie and adventure of the outdoors or enjoy sitting together amidst the campfire at night.

The Labyrinth

One of the park’s main attractions is this green labyrinth that’s made of 1, 500 sq. meters of lush greens, that’s a sure challenge for children and the child at hearts to enjoy.

Encourage everyone to participate in the global fight for the protection and preservation of the environment. 

Q Park is committed to the preservation and protection of the environment and as a token of this social responsibility, encourages visitors in its campsites and Heroes Hill to plant tree seedlings and take care of flora and fauna.

Currently, innovations are still in the works to add more attractions to the park and it’s facilities.

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  1. I only visited Cebu once and I just visit the City of Cebu and Mactan Island. I never got the chance to see the Northern Part of Cebu Island.

    Well, if I ever got the chance to visit the Northern paert of Cebu, then maybe I will drop by this place.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  6. this seemed to be a nice place. i like it that it has an advocacy for the protection and preservation of nature. thanks for the visit, btw.

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  8. Cebu was one of the wonderful place in the Philippines. The people also are kind and very hospitable. The last time that I visited Cebu was 2009 and I really enjoyed my vacation here. Thanks.

    Zummi|camping Philippines

  9. I didn't know Compostella has a park. It's a nice place for relaxation, adventure and straying around with mother nature. Also it's for free!! hahahah.
    I want to go there.

    Jobs in Cebu

  10. Thanks for dropping by Ishmael, glad to you show the best place to go to here in sunny Cebu. Don't forget to post pictures when you do travel here. Cheers ;-)

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  12. thanks for the visit Dhiyan, always glad to let you in on the best places to go here in cebu ;-)

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  16. Hi , just want to know if these park is off road ... coz i wanna know how to get there and is the entrance free?? how much is the rides and adventure??

  17. Yup Q park i think is roughly 2 km away from the main road but you can be sure though that you won't get lost because street signs are aplenty to guide you. It's absolutely FREE but you need to inform their staff ahead if you're coming or should your group come.