Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Modern living and convenience in Metropolitan Cebu- The Persimmon Towers

A new addition to the metropolitan's urban style housing is The Persimmon- Aboitizland's baby envisioned as the premiere urban village where convenience and lifestyle all converge in one location. Imagine living just about a few meters from where you work along with the added pleasures for relaxation, recreation and entertainment to ease out your day.

The Persimmon Towers (Named after the famous Mabolo fruit of which the district also derives its name) consists of 4 x 15 story condos- North,
South, East, and West is where residential and commercial establishments culminate along the confines of the condominium community, whether you feel like shopping, dining, in the buzz for entertainment, or in need of some cash in ATMs- you don't need to look no further than your window!

With Ammenities, the complex has Adults and kiddie Pool, Clubhouse, Function rooms, Multi-purpose hall, Gym, Games Room, Social Hall, All green street scapes, Children’s playground, Covered multi-purpose Court for basketball and badminton, Themed commercial neighborhood, Food (restaurants, cafes, etc), Entertainment (resto,bars,family ktv), Services (laundry), repair, Health and Beauty (spa,salons.), Grocery and Activity area- all in line to what you or your family want.

Supposing you're going someplace else, the Persimmon's strategic location at M.J. Cuenco, Mabolo, Cebu City gets you to where you want to go to in no time as it is near the city's major shopping centers, business districts, BPO centers, churches, universities, hospitals, hangouts plus, it is highly accessible from main roads and highways, airports and major shipping ports.

Set to be finished within the time frame of September this year up to 2013 (for individual towers), The Persimmon comes with competitively priced units that's sure to appease your needs. All in all, the combined concept and master plan of The Persimmon gives it the cutting edge among condo projects in the whole of mainland Cebu.


  1. Hi,

    I saw your blog and was hoping you may do a small feature on our subdivision, we are bringing a new quality of construction to Cebu, unlike many of the developers here who cut corners and build bad quality homes we are giving the Cebuano people what they deserve, good quality well built homes that will last a lifetime. If you have time perhaps you would like to be toured around our site and you could have a look for yourself to see what we are doing. We are planning to be the greenest subdivision in Cebu with our own on site recycling collection station.

    You can view our website here

    Thanks for your time,

    The Bayswater team.

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for the contact. Yup this is just my goal for this blog and that is to inform and optimize helpful articles for Filipinos and Expats- the world over- on the best realty finds here plus, the best things that Cebu can offer.

    Sure I'd love to feature your company in my future articles, I'll consider your offer and find the most appropriate time then. Cheers always and I'll be in contact soon.


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